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Class: Elasmobranchii
Order: Torpediniformes
Family: Torpedinidae Electric rays

Genus: Tetronarce

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13 species
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Photo by Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada

Eastern Pacific
Max. Length 140 cm TL
Tetronarce californica (Ayres, 1855)

Photo by Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada
Tetronarce californica
[Pacific electric ray]
No picture found
Southeast Atlantic
Max. Length 113.3 cm TL

Tetronarce cowleyi
[Cowley’s torpedo ray]
No picture found
Southwest Pacific
Max. Length 100 cm TL

Tetronarce fairchildi
[New Zealand torpedo]
No picture found
Northwest Pacific
Max. Length 89 cm TL

Tetronarce formosa
[Taiwan torpedo ray]

Photo by FAO

Eastern Indian Ocean
Max. Length 107 cm TL
Tetronarce macneilli (Whitley, 1932)

Photo by FAO
Tetronarce macneilli
[Shorttail torpedo]
No picture found
Southeast Pacific
Max. Length 36.6 cm TL

Tetronarce microdiscus
[Smalldisk torpedo]

Photo by Scott, S.

Circumglobal. Eastern Atl
Max. Length 180 cm TL
Tetronarce nobiliana (Bonaparte, 1835)

Photo by Scott, S.
Tetronarce nobiliana
[Electric ray]
No picture found
Northwest Atlantic
Max. Length 154 cm TL

Tetronarce occidentalis
[Western atlantic torpedo]

Photo by Robertson, R.

Southeast Pacific
Max. Length 50 cm TL
Tetronarce peruana (Chirichigno F., 1963)

Photo by Robertson, R.
Tetronarce peruana
[Peruvian torpedo]

Photo by Fischer, L.G.

Southwest Atlantic
Max. Length 110 cm TL
Tetronarce puelcha (Lahille, 1926)

Photo by Fischer, L.G.
Tetronarce puelcha
[Argentine torpedo]
No picture found
Southeast Pacific
Max. Length 44.5 cm TL

Tetronarce semipelagica
[Semipelagic torpedo]

Photo by Shao, K.T.

Northwest Pacific
Max. Length 69.3 cm TL
Tetronarce tokionis (Tanaka, 1908)

Photo by Shao, K.T.
Tetronarce tokionis
[Trapezoid torpedo]

Photo by Zagal, C.

Eastern Pacific
Max. Length 90 cm TL
Tetronarce tremens (de Buen, 1959)

Photo by Zagal, C.
Tetronarce tremens
[Chilean torpedo]

13 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Tetronarce californica Pacific electric ray Eastern Pacific 140 TL 1855
Tetronarce cowleyi Cowley’s torpedo ray Southeast Atlantic 113.3 TL 2015
Tetronarce fairchildi New Zealand torpedo Southwest Pacific 100 TL 1872
Tetronarce formosa Taiwan torpedo ray Northwest Pacific 89 TL 2006
Tetronarce macneilli Shorttail torpedo Eastern Indian Ocean 107 TL 1932
Tetronarce microdiscus Smalldisk torpedo Southeast Pacific 36.6 TL 1985
Tetronarce nobiliana Electric ray Circumglobal. Eastern Atl 180 TL 1835
Tetronarce occidentalis Western atlantic torpedo Northwest Atlantic 154 TL 1843
Tetronarce peruana Peruvian torpedo Southeast Pacific 50 TL 1963
Tetronarce puelcha Argentine torpedo Southwest Atlantic 110 TL 1926
Tetronarce semipelagica Semipelagic torpedo Southeast Pacific 44.5 TL 1985
Tetronarce tokionis Trapezoid torpedo Northwest Pacific 69.3 TL 1908
Tetronarce tremens Chilean torpedo Eastern Pacific 90 TL 1959

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