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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Rhinobatos lentiginosus199429.06-88.90GCRL 26682D. Waller
Portal: FB. Source: GCRL
Portal: FB. Source: AMNH
8.50-57.25UBC 810049Furnell, D.J., Guyana, 40 - 70 miles offshore of the Guyanese coast, between the mouth of the Esquibo and Orinoco Rivers
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
Rhinobatos lentiginosus19816.08-55.93ISH 252-1981G. F. Losse
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Rhinobatos lentiginosus19816.28-50.72ISH 247-1981G. F. Losse
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
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